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+1 760 741 5638

Temporary Address (Dec, 2014 – May, 2015)

Unite Eurotherapy
1255 Keystone Way, Suite 106
Vista, CA 92081

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New Permanent Address (after May, 2015)

La Costa Town Square
Rancho Santa Fe & La Costa Ave
3427 Via Montebello, Suite 174
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Creating Beautiful Solutions: Our Big Move

Limited Availability:  As we make plans in the final stage of the big move to our beautiful La Costa location we will have short-term limited availability.  

See below for details and beautiful solutions.


Temporary Changes

This week we are open our normal hours. Starting next week, we have a limited schedule as follows:


4/27/15 – 4/29/15 we are open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

5/5/15 – 5/8/15 we are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

5/9/15 – 5/17/15 we will be closed to move.

If you have an appointment on a day not listed here, we will be calling you to save you a new appointment time. 


Business As Usual

We will continue to respond to emails, voicemails and online appointment requests Monday thru Saturday as normal throughout this period.


Book now, these dates are filling up quickly!

Call our front desk team (760)741-5638, book online here  (or link below), or text us at our SMS chat number 760-666-3387.



After the Big Move, Tah-Dah!

We will reopen at our new location on Monday 5/18/15 at 3427 Via Montebello #174 Carlsbad, Ca 92009

Our New Location 3427 Via Montebello #174 Carlsbad, Ca 92009

Our New Location 3427 Via Montebello #174 Carlsbad, Ca 92009


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition!

The Loft Team

Electronic Press Kit 2015

The 2015 Electronic Press Kit is Here!




The Loft Hair Design owner Shawna Cruise is an unlikely style maven. Sure, she knows her stuff (just ask seven straight years of Top 200 Salon accolades from Salon Today Magazine), but it takes more than pure skill to build the caliber of loyalty that Shawna has earned from her customers and employees, alike. She learned very early on what beauty truly means to her, and spoiler: it’s not about vanity or the heft of your wallet. For Shawna, beauty is simply universal: It belongs to absolutely everyone.

“Everyone has a right to feel beautiful,” she says.


Shawna Cruise Owner & Founder The Loft Hair Design & Skin Care

Shawna has over 20 years of experience, but for those who’ve known her since childhood, the beauty industry is the last place she’d be expected to land. She says her own family was surprised at her career choice, though she understands why: “The public perception of the industry is that it’s superficial,” she says. But to Shawna, beauty is so much more than a glossy finish.


After paying her dues, refusing to resist her inner misfit, and forging relationships with customers (some of whom have stuck with her since the very beginning), Shawna has built one of the most successful salons in Southern California. And she runs The Loft with the same unique spirit that guided her when she was styling her friends’ hair at age 13 in the California commune where she grew up.


While Shawna may be the unlikely candidate for the beauty industry on the surface, it’s clear that on a deeper level, she is the dose of reality the industry needs. And that’s because her business philosophy and beauty philosophy meet at one simple, yet splendid point: Where you come from shouldn’t determine who you become; everyone deserves to feel like their best self.


Spring Skincare 2015: 4 Tips to Revamp Renew and Refresh your Routine.

spring flowers

As winter gets further and further in our rear view mirror, we start to ditch our heavier winter duds, dark lipstick and eyeliner. We switch to lighter makeup, hair, and nail colors, but we sometimes neglect our skin. Spring is the time for new beginnings, so why not give your beauty routine a fresh start this season? After months of harsh weather, our skin is in dire need of this beauty revamp. The question is: Which products should we be using and which should we be avoiding?

If the colder season did a number on your skin, it can feel a bit rough, flaky and dry. Ironically, the foundation of healthy flawless skin begins before you apply any foundation at all. First, don’t make the mistake of over-scrubbing, over-cleaning, and over-treating. Frosty temperatures may have damaged the outermost protective layer, exposing facial skin to irritants and bacteria.

sugar lip scrub



Hydration and exfoliation are the keys to smoother skin all year round but for spring especially. Begin with a mild cleansing solution that won’t strip away natural oils, such as Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser, to reduce moisture loss, balance the skin’s pH levels and maintain a healthy outer layer. Skip the washcloth and use a cleaning device like the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System for a deeper clean. The brush has hundreds of bristles that lift and whisk away dead skin and dirt. I highly recommend investing in one!

Slough off dry skin cells with a gentle exfoliator like Bioelements Measured Micrograins for a mild scrub or a leave-on formula like Quick Refiner, which combines a conditioning beta-hydroxy acid formula. Beta-hydroxy acids loosen the dead cells of the epidermis, making room for new growth that just plain cleansing can not perform alone. 

PRO TIP! Don’t skip the LIPS when buffing your skin. Lips tend to get flaky too and this seasons lip trend calls for super soft touchable skin. High pigmented, rich colors are pressed on with a fingertip for an undone soft around the edges effect. “It’s how a girl would do it herself,” said makeup artist Lucia Pieroni of the stained effect backstage at Missoni, where she was blotting on an electric poppy red paint. “You shouldn’t be able to tell where it starts and where it ends.”


image5 (1)


Warmer weather means more humidity in the air for most regions. If it’s been awhile since you last purchased moisturizer, it might be time to invest in a lighter formula. Thick creams were appropriate for the winter but they can be a little much in the warmer months. Look for a lightweight moisturizer for your face and body that won’t leave you feeling greasy but still provides sufficient hydration.

And it should go without saying, although I am going to say it anyways, that with sunnier days comes the need to ramp up the SPF. One of the most important tips I can give you in terms of spring skin care is to get a quality, full-spectrum sunblock. Sunblock is a physical blocker while sunscreen uses chemicals that allow the skin to absorb the sun’s rays without burning. The chemicals in sunscreen are basically free radicals that can cause skin to lose its suppleness over time. During the spring season I highly recommend an SPF 50. This would cover you for most the day unless you are at the park for a picnic, the beach, or in the sun for more than a few hours. Reapplication is key and crucial to insure you are protected. A lightweight mineral powder would be a great solution to make sure you are covered.

For added bonus, invest in a lightening and brightening serum or complex to accompany your moisturizer and sunscreen to combat dark spots and pigmentation that may have accumulated in previous months. This season is all about going sheer and simple!

bare yoga glow


As mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, flushed dewy skin—the kind you leave a yoga session, not spin class, with—replaces blushed and bronzed. A spritz of rose mist or a peptide infused toner can add instant radiance after makeup application or throughout the day. The best investment you can make this season is a standing appointment with your skincare therapist. Nothing beats having a fresh, healthy glow after a treatment. To insure your skin’s health is at its optimal state it is crucial to invest in some professional maintenance. For most skin types it is recommended to receive a treatment every 4-6 weeks, with the exception of acne or hyper-pigmented skin which needs more frequent attention. Professional treatments in conjunction with the recommended at-home care will deliver much faster and effective results, leaving you free to ditch the heavy concealers and powders. Fashion’s fascination with clean, come-as-you-are skin, a sweaty post-workout flush, and the occasional smattering of freckles takes precedent over serious camouflage—and (bonus!) cuts your morning prep time in half.


Going bare doesn’t just apply to your face. We are fast approaching swimsuit season as well. Staying on schedule with your waxing routine is essential to ensure you are prepared for a fun day in the sun without worry. Waxing, as with many professional hair removal methods, requires careful planning and scheduling. Hair must be 3/4 of an inch long for effective removal and it is recommended to start a few months before a big vacation or trip. Hair has three stages of growth and can be difficult to get under control if you do not stay on track with your appointments.




Lastly my best advice for spring is to stay on point with your routine. It takes time and effort to achieve beautiful, healthy skin, so don’t undo all your hard work. Whether you’re prepping for an important event or vacation in the coming months these tips are important year round. Our skin fluctuates seasonally and we must keep up with the changes. We are all busy people but it pays to take the time to remove all of the dirt, sweat and makeup off of your face, moisturize and follow up with all your professional appointments for maximum results. You don’t have to go all out, but it’s important to not let your skin care regimen fall by the wayside as we ease ourselves into the next season: SUMMER!


-Morgan Barrios, Esthetician/MUA at The Loft Hair Design & Skincare


Loftie News You Can Use

Loftie News!

We’re so pumped to share with you how our team is growing, and exciting news about our new beautiful salon!



Stylist Promotions

Join us in congratulating our stylists.

Mercedes Shelton Promoted to Level 1 Stylist


We are Growing!

Several new team members to introduce: stylists, assistants and front desk team.

  • Kyle Bissel joined us as a Level 2 Stylist
  • Brandi Folts joind us as a Level 3 Stylist
  • Sara Grant and Danika Miles joined us as Assistants
  • At the front desk we are joined by new coordinators Sandra Dougherty and Paige Ellsworth, and last but certainly not least, returning front desk Manager Malinda “Mal” Crickmore.


New Hours Update

Mondays we’re open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

New Hours

40 Days of Shine


Enjoy this promotion through 3/9/15

  • Great deal for U-Luxery (argon oil) with relights (brighten) or a Mini Facial & Bioelements travel or gym bag skin care kit
  • Either for JUST $40 – or take both.  A great gift for friends & family

Did you know that the number 40 has many cultural references?  Here are a few to get you started.  Read more here.

  • The saying “Life begins at forty”
  • The expression “forty winks”, meaning a short sleep
  • The radio program American Top 40
  • Forty is the only integer whose English name has its letters in alphabetical order


40 Days of shine



Grand Opening Announced – Save The Date!

The time is nearing and it will be here before we know it.  So Save The Date:  Thursday, May 7, 2015 for our Grand Opening and a Night of Beauty!

Stay tuned for details.  We’ve got some really cool things planned and you won’t want to miss out on any of them!




Spring Renewal – Season’s Hottest Trends

Locks in Bloom – Hottest Trends


Sexy-Long-Boho-Waves Trend

Boho Waves


Are you still sporting that short cut from last spring or simply looking for a change? Well, shake off that “pixie” dust and get ready for this seasons hottest trends.   Spring is all about the Boho waves, the longtail, braids and twists. What are Boho waves you might ask? They are those tousled, just walked off the beach (or runway) waves that look amazing whether your hair is shoulder length or down to your waistline. These waves can be achieved with the right product and hot tools easily at home but if you really want that look done right book an appointment with your stylist for a “how to” lesson.


long-ponytail trend



The longtail is just that. This look can be sleek and elegant or casual and carefree. There is a longtail to fit every need. If you want to achieve this look but are struggling with a style that is a “hair” too short, extensions could be the answer. All of this seasons looks can be enhanced with some extensions either to add length or volume or better yet both!! Products and the right tools will be the key to “taming” this look so work with your stylist make sure you are fully equipped.


braided twist trend

Braided twist


Twists and braids can cover all of your style needs whether it’s a red carpet event or a day in your sweats. These can be fancy and complex to “perfectly” messy. No matter what the day brings a braid or twist can be the go to style from morning to night. If you are attending a formal event schedule some time with your stylist to get you picture perfect. If you want a style you can do at home for daily wear ask your stylist for a lesson. These can be a bit “hairy” to get right on your own but with most things practice makes perfect.


tumblr_mauz62xBC41qev1moo1_500 trend

Floral braid


No matter what look you chose for Spring be sure not to get it “twisted”. Your stylist is there to educate you and provide you with a style that will best fit you and your lifestyle. Chances are if you love your hair, you love your hairdresser even more and have invested more than your time into that perfect look. Everyone deserves great hair so lets leap into spring together and let those beautiful locks bloom.


large Trend

Braided Boho

Forty Days Spring Renewal

‪Spring Renewal‬ – It’s time to ‪‎Shine‬‬!

Check out this bodacious Spring Update at The Loft.

Did you know that throughout the history of mankind, the number 40 has significant meaning in math, science, religion, sports, cultural attitudes and activities? It inspired us to create a beautiful solution for you!


Watch here on The Loft website, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the next few weeks for a new view of the number 40.  No need to wait for trivia to take advantage of the deal.  Call, email or go online now to book your 40/40 appointments.

Skintervention’s Holiday Hangover Guide


christmas holiday hangover cocktail

Tis the season for indulging and if you’re anything like me, that means hitting the bottle a little more than the rest of the year. I am no stranger to the dreaded curse of the holiday hangover. So, before you reach for that fourth glass of bubbly or whiskey cocktail there are some things you should know in order to avoid the world’s worst hangover this holiday season.


Champagne worst hangover

Before you knock that drink back, you should know what’s most likely to cause the biggest hangover. Congratulations, champagne — you’re the worst.

It undergoes two fermentations, and it actually contains a hangover causing substance called acetaldehyde. Basically, alcohol gets turned into acetaldehyde and that’s what causes a lot of the hangover issues. With champagne, you’re already ingesting it from the get go.

Second to bubbly are dark liquors like whiskey and bourbon, because they have numerous impurities. They have volatile organic compounds — similar to the headache-inducing smells of products like Sharpies or crazy glue.

Your safest drinking bets are gin and vodka, because there’s no caffeine in them, which means you’re getting more fluid already. Gin is basically just vodka with juniper berry extract, so it at least it is bringing some antioxidants to the table. Unlike dark liquors, vodka and gin are distilled four to five times and charcoal-filtered, which clears out some hangover causing impurities.

So, in addition to being wise about which cocktail to imbibe in, here are a few solid, tried and true hangover cures:

1. Pills and preventative measures


aspirin headache inflammation

It’s way way easier to prevent a hangover than it is to treat it after the fact.  That whole thing about dehydration causing a hangover is folklore…it makes the symptoms worse, but it’s not the sole cause of what’s going on. Inflammation is where a lot of the headache, nausea and vomiting come from. As such, preventative home measures are fairly traditional. Any of the at home cures you would attempt after a night of drinking could potentially work best when applied the night before. For example, taking one or two pills like Advil or Aleve, before hitting the hay helps a lot with inflammation. Be sure to chug a big glass of water to help with dehydration too. Coconut water cocktails have gotten some great hype because they hydrate as you drink, therefore the symptoms are far less intense. Coconut water on its own is far more replenishing that regular water, however, it is an acquired taste.

2. Greasy food

greasy omelette bacon eggs

It’s funny, your body actually craves the things that it really needs. Greasy food is rich in fat, which is has the most energy per gram. Your natural inclination to dive headfirst into a cheeseburger, although unhealthy, is actually right on. Here are two of my favorite foods:

Bacon: Meat in general has a lot of B vitamins, which act as a catalyst to help get alcohol on the breakdown. Eggs and cheese: A quick omelette with some mayonnaise or avocado is a great fix for protein and fat.

Some health nuts might say “Let’s eat some açai berries, or chia seeds or almond butter!” rather than reach for the traditional calorie rich solutions.  Maybe for a mild hangover that might do, but for a moderate to epic hangover, I don’t think that’s going to cut it. That being said, a bacon sandwich isn’t a good fix for vegans, or health-conscious folks. If you really want to eat clean, there are other great options:

Dark green vegetables: Particularly any that have lots of nutrients, like spinach, kale or broccoli.

Fruits high in resveratrol: It’s a key antioxidant, and antioxidants are necessary for beating hangovers. Nosh on fruits like pomegranates, acai berries and currants.

Egg whites: It might not pack the punch of a regular egg and cheese sandwich, but egg whites are the next best alternative.

3. Coca Cola (seriously!)


coco cola soda caffeine sugar

Sprite has become a trendy hangover cure. However, it pales in comparison to good ol’ Coca Cola when dealing with a hangover. The infamous soda is made with coca leaves, which has lots of antioxidants and caffeine, which works well to treat headaches. It can also help give your blood sugar a kick start so you can begin to feel better.  Health nuts, you’re out of luck. Coffee, tea and kombucha pale in comparison. So drink up!


4. Smoothies

smoothie fruit vitamins
For a mega-blend of health, nothing beats a smoothie. While not as intense as greasy food, it’s a smart way to inhale a lot of necessary nutrients to help you in the recovery process.

I recommend blending: almond milk for protein, coconut water for essential electrolytes, pomegranate, acai berries, spinach and a vitamin powder for major antioxidant replenishment. You’ll get a burst of necessary nutrients and most likely some energy to keep you going.  Not only will your body feel rejuvenated but your skin will thank you also. The skin is the an organ that suffers greatly from dehydration and lack of nutrients. It is a dead giveaway to how someone is feeling, especially after a late night.  It would also be a good idea to apply a hydrating mask the morning after a party to help heal and restore from the outside as well. My favorite mask to rehydrate would be the Gel Therapy from Bioelements. It is cooling and soothing and a great pick me up for anyone suffering from a hangover.


party hangover new years

So enjoy yourself in moderation. Life is simply too short not to! And should you ever fall victim to the hangover’s cruel grasp, at least you will be prepared to fight the good fight with these tried and true tips. Happy holidays and cheers!

Exciting Move Information


Happy Holidays Everyone!

We know it’s a hectic time with the holidays upon us, so we’d like to keep you posted on the progress of our move.

Final Day in Escondido

Our last day at the Escondido location will be Tuesday, December 23rd.
Your December 23rd appointment will take place in Escondido!

New Temporary Space, Same Telephone Number!

We will be busy during the days following the 23rd, moving to our temporary facility at Unite to REOPEN on Tuesday, December 30th. (Click here to read details about that location) We’re excited to be in our new space and we’re even keeping the SAME TELEPHONE NUMBER! 760.741.5638

A Promotion for You…

Since you have all been tremendously supportive and to help ease this transition for you, we’re offering a nice little pre-booking promotion that will save you some extra cash.

Pre-book 3 appointments with The Loft and receive a 10% discount on each.

Pre-book 6 appointments and receive a 15% discount.

Pre-book 12 appointments and receive a 20% discount.

** May not move appointments more than 30 days
** Discount forfeited if appointment is missed
** Not valid with 20% Gift Card Sale or other promotions

Important News from Owner and Founder, Shawna Cruise

To our loyal guest,

I have been working diligently on an exciting growth plan for The Loft, which I anticipated sharing with you in the new year. Sometimes plans change, and in this case a big one did; the Escondido lease extension didn’t work out. As a result we have been asked to vacate our current space as of December 27!

My heart and soul will always be a part of our downtown community and so this has been a difficult and bittersweet decision. Alas, after 16 years on Grand Ave in Escondido, I am moving The Loft Hair Design & Skincare to La Costa.

Our need of a temporary location while our new space is being constructed posed certain challenges. Imagine 27 Lofties and 3000 of you (our loyal guests) without a home. Angels on our side, one of our retail partners, Unite Eurotherapy, a local company with a global brand, has graciously welcomed us into their former academy salon only 3 miles from our future home.

As of December 29th, we will be found at our new, temporary space at Unite.
Unite’s facility is at 1255 Keystone Way Suite 106, Vista, CA 92081

Directions from I-15 North & 78 (RB, Escondido, San Marcos)
I-15 North to 78 West
On 78 take San Marcos Blvd Exit (turn left)
San Marcos Blvd becomes Palomar Airport Road
From Palomar Airport Road, turn right on Business Park Drive
From Business Park Drive, turn left on Keystone Way
The Unite space is on the left in Suite 106

Directions from I-5 North & Palomar Airport Road
I-5 North to Palomar Airport Road
From Palomar Airport Road, turn left on Business Park Drive
From Business Park Drive, turn left on Keystone Way
The Unite space is on the left in Suite 106

I know this comes as a shock to a lot of you and believe me, not how I intended this transition would go down, so now is when we really need your support. Because Lofties are resilient, we are going to have some fun with this temporary location while continuing to bring you the service experience that you love. My team is working their buns off to make this as smooth as possible in the three weeks we have to plan it! I hope that you pull together with us in the interim digs because we can’t wait to show you our beautiful new space at La Costa Town Square.

Let me share a little more information about Unite Eurotherapy. The company is not only a great retail partner, but also an equally supportive education provider. You know that we Lofties believe in continuing education, so this opportunity with Unite is serendipitous. Please join us during our “semester abroad” with Unite EUROtherapy for the next 3 months. There will be oodles of cool things to offer you and opportunities to help us with freshening up our YouTube channel in Unite’s modern photography studio.

When we graduate and start our new journey at the La Costa Town Square, there will be a celebration for this milestone and we want you to come. We are so excited our cheeks hurt from grinning!

To ensure this is a smooth transition we are putting together directions and maps, fun gifts and great incentives, so stay tuned to your email and our website. We will also follow up with phone calls, as necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally or ask any Loftie team member.

Thank you for your years of loyal support.

Off to our big adventure!

Shawna Cruise

Loftie Ringleader, creating beautiful solutions

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